Agile Conversations Book

Agile Conversations Book

In our new book Agile Conversations, we argue that the main reason organizations aren’t effective is that they forget to share valid information, have difficult conversations, and build relationships. We show how to use techniques from Action Science to have the five key conversations of highly productive teams.

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What is Conversational Transformation?

Learn How Difficult Conversations Unlock Successful Digital, Agile, Devops and Lean Transformations

Transformation is Essential

There is more pressure than ever to adapt and evolve. And for many companies incremental change is no longer enough. Radical changes to behaviour require a different culture. The question is how do you transform your culture?

Conversation is Key

Culture is an emergent property of all of your conversations. Change your conversations and you change your culture. However, our habits of conversation are deeply ingrained, and powerful cognitive biases work against any change.

Learn How to Change

Conversational Transformation is a skill. With disciplined practise, you can improve your conversations the way you’d improve your tennis game or your piano playing. We will try and inspire you, to show you how to practice. Doing the work? That’s up to you.

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