Agile Conversations Book

Agile Conversations Book

By Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick

Transform Your Conversations, Transform Your Culture. Coming May 2020 from IT Revolution Press.

In our forthcoming book Agile Conversations, we argue that the main reason organizations aren’t effective is that they forget to share valid information, have difficult conversations, and build relationships. We show how to use techniques from Action Science to have the five key conversations of highly productive teams.

Available in paperback and Kindle.

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A 2 minute introduction to Agile Conversations


Many teams struggle to realize the gains promised by Agile and DevOps but fail to understand why. In Agile Conversations, Squirrel and Jeffrey show you how and why communication problems lie at the core of many problems with team productivity.


Drawing on years of study and practical experience, Jeffrey and Squirrel describe the theory of “Action Science” in simple, clear terms, unlocking the power of conversations to transform your team. As a result, you’ll understand the importance of communication in all teams, and acquire tools for solving the common delivery, prioritisation, and process problems that too many software teams face.


“If you don’t do it, you don’t know it!” The Agile Conversations book provides you with a host of practical techniques together with practise exercises using realistic scenarios and conversations.. After just a few pages and a few minutes of practise, you’ll already have tools you can use immediately with your colleagues to cement your new learning and improve your teams’ performance.

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Praise for Agile Conversations

Over many years, I saw Squirrel and Jeffrey upgrade their company from a culture where some people wouldn’t talk to each other, to a model of open communication. Now they’ve written this book which describes part of that journey. Buy a copy to learn about their approach and encourage them to write up the rest.

Author avatar Steve Freeman, Zuhlke Engineering UK, and independent consultant.

This book provides an engineer's approach to monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging conversations. Squirrel and Jeffrey always come across as incredibly mindful listeners and thoughtful discussion partners, and now I know why. Heuristics such as The Question Fraction are amazing - at the same time simple and memorable and incredibly insightful. Read this book to turn your communication skills into superpowers.

Author avatar Gojko Adzic, Partner at Neuri Consulting

In Agile Conversations, Jeffrey and Squirrel pinpoint one of the key tenets of the Agile mindset, which is that constructive, structured and in-depth communication is the key to creating a productive, happy work environment. Not only do they help expose this truth, they also hand you a suite of tools and processes to tangibly improve the conversations you have. Vital reading for anyone in a leadership role, or interested in improving their work culture in general.

Author avatar Andy Skipper, Chief Coach at CTO Craft

I’ve spent much of my career trying to establish a system for improving collaboration within and across software teams and yet always achieved mixed results. Agile Conversations is the book I wish I had read many years ago! Jeffrey and Squirrel have brought together their many years of experience to create this accessible and practical guide. It’s a must read for executives, technical managers and technical staff who want their teams to be more productive, and better at responding to change.

Author avatar Mark Coleman - Developer Relations at Packet Inc. & Marketing Chairperson at Cloud Native Computing Foundation
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