I’m still regularly amazed by seeing our listener numbers for Troubleshooting Agile, the podcast Squirrel and I have been putting out for over two years now. We’ve racked up 60,000 listens and counting, all with minimal promotion, and we get great listener comments and guest suggestions frequently from those we’re reaching. I had a look at our stats on SoundCloud recently, and the dashboard showed me our top five most-listened-to episodes—which I thought gave a very good overview of the whole series and what the podcast is about. So I thought blog readers might want to have a listen to see what we were thinking and discussing throughout 2019.

So these are our top 5 episodes in 2019, let’s count them down!

At number 5, it’s How to Detect Agile BS - Part 1 . We really like it when we get the chance to respond to an interesting blog post like this one - from the US Department of Defense, no less.

Coming in at 4, it’s Values of the Give Up Control Model . It’s fun to take a tongue-in-cheek approach every once in awhile, in this case advocating that you just give up because change is too hard.

At 3, we have an oldie but a goodie: Mutual Learning Model: Accountability and Compassion . Accountability gets a bum rap because it’s always negative - when’s the last time you heard “Who can I hold accountable for this great success?”

Just missing the top spot, at number 2, is the veteran hit-maker Martin Fowler inspiring loads of agile ideas: Agile is Dead, Long Live Agile .

And the number one episode of all time, well of 2019 at least, is Ryan Singer from Basecamp: Ryan Singer on Basecamp and Shape Up, Part I . We started out disagreeing with Ryan vigorously, but by the end of this three-part series we’d found a lot of common ground.

We look forward to 52 more exciting episodes in 2020!