Conversational Transformation Newsletter - No 4 of 2020

Happy Launch Day! Today, after more than two years of writing, rewriting, editing, and sweating, our new book Agile Conversations is finally ready! You can get your own copy in paperback, audiobook, or e-book form, pick up some additional downloads, and see even more including our schedule of events and our podcast.

We’re very glad to be bringing you this “missing manual” for your digital transformation, showing you how to change your conversations to get tangible, dramatic agile results. In today’s newsletter, we also let you know about even more ways to learn these powerful techniques: by joining our Slack community, taking part in our book club, or seeing us at the DOES virtual conference.

Slacking with Jeffrey and Squirrel

We’ve been running a Slack community with early reviewers and readers, and now we’d like to open it up to our newsletter readers as well. We have channels and discussions going on each chapter in the book and both of us check in often to answer reader questions. We expect we’ll be offering concrete help with the conversational techniques in the book and with member’s real problems in their teams. Check it out!

Reading With Friends—Join the Book Club

We’ll be spending ten days in early June intensely reading the book with participants in IT Revolution’s Book Club. A great way to feel part of a community of readers, find practise partners who can help you try out the techniques, and get yourself all the way through the book while doing the hard (but rewarding) work of the exercises. Join now and mark your calendar!

See Us Live (From Home) At DOES 2020

We really enjoyed talking to potential readers and signing books at DOES 2019 last year in Las Vegas (though Squirrel got a headache from the weird air in the casino). This summer, DOES goes virtual so no travel required to meet and hear us (and loads of other exciting DevOps and Agile speakers). And until 20 May, it’s 50% off! Register now to lock in your place and we’ll see you live from our homes in late June (complete with barking dogs in the background)!

We hope you find Agile Conversations as dramatically helpful to you and your team as we found it rewarding to write. Do get in touch anytime to discuss the book, your conversations, your transformation, or anything else.

Until next time, keep talking!

Jeffrey and Squirrel