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Conversational Transformation Newsletter - No 1 of 2020

A belated “happy New Year” from us and welcome to 2020! We hope it is a year of difficult conversations and greater alignment for all of you.

In this week’s update, we have a new, free video on the Coherence Busting technique, free to all mailing list subscribers. We also have a new blog post on expensive meetings and, as usual, a new podcast episode, this one describing how to create value from your constraints.

Please pre-order Agile Conversations if you haven’t already - see below for more.

Coherence Busting Video

We promised a free video for those who joined our mailing list, and now it’s here! In twelve minutes of explanation and with several interactive examples, we cover the Coherence Busting techinque (from chapter 4 of Agile Conversations), which you can use whenever you find yourself “locked in” to a point of view and unable to empathize with the other person.

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Blogging on Meetings

Are people in your organisation skilled at transparency and curiosity, and do they use those skills in those lengthy, expensive meetings they love to have? If not, check out our latest blog post on how to think about meeting costs.

Handling Constraints - New Podcast Episode

Our latest podcast episode is all about constraints. When you have only one product manager for twenty devs, should you hire more engineers? (Hint: NO!) We describe three approaches to constraints: alleviate, exploit, and subordinate, and as usual tell stories from our clients and friends to illustrate. Have a listen and don’t forget to subscribe!

Agile Conversations available for pre-order

If you haven’t already done so, please consider pre-ordering our new book, Agile Conversations. We explain why your digital/Agile/DevOps transformation is likely to fail without conversational skills, describe methods for learning and techniques for mastering conversations, and give a host of examples. Pre-order now on Conversational Transformation.

Do get in touch anytime to discuss your conversations, your transformation, or anything else. Until next time, keep talking!

Jeffrey and Squirrel